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After meeting to ensure we are a good match, we will have one pre-baby appointment to go over needs, concerns, schedules, and more. The pre-baby appointment is a time for us to connect and iron out the details of your care. 

Already have your baby/babies at home? No problem. Get in touch to find the support you need!

Services Include:

  • Create a nurturing, restful atmosphere in which parent(s) may eat, shower and nap

  • Organize and tidy the home

  • Offer evidence based advice on a range of infant care issues

  • Keep parent(s) fed and hydrated

  • Offer advice on how to integrate the new baby into the family

  • Provide infant feeding support: position, diaper tracking, identifying possible issues and providing appropriate referrals when necessary

  • Allow space for self care

  • Help to set up the nursery, diaper change, and feeding stations

  • Offer a listening, non-judgmental ear

  • Advice on baby carriers and safety

  • Provide specialist referrals for therapy, acupuncture, support groups, pediatricians, etc. as needed

  • Work myself out of a job by helping parents to gather the skills and resources they will need to rock their postpartum period!

Hourly rate: $30


If you feel like you have enough postpartum support but still want to make sure you are as prepared as can be, a Pre-baby Prep & Consultation meeting is perfect for you! When you book a Pre-baby Prep you are booking one 4 hour meeting in your home that includes the following:

  • A customized postpartum plan that gives you an overview of what you have already prepared, and leaves you with action items in areas that need attention

  • A checklist of postpartum supplies for parents

  • Newborn supply check

  • Set up of diaper and feeding stations

  • Info on tracking newborn diapers and baby soothing techniques

  • Yummy homemade treats to give you energy during those first few days

Pre-baby Prep & Consultation: $250


If you know you get HANGRY or simply want to know there are plenty of meals in the fridge when you need them, let me do the heavy chopping. You will get 4 complete meals plus fruit and/or veggie snacks, once a week, including clean-up. You provide the kitchen, I'll bring the determination of a Chopped contestant who is ready to win. This service stands alone or can be added to your care.

Option 1  In-home meal prep:


Option 2  In-home meal prep, shopping, and meal planning: $140/week + grocery cost

Payment plans available to those in need.