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Jessica is a warm and kind presence. She exudes a nurturing vibe and easily adapts to the changing needs of the day. Jessica helped us with infant twins and a 3yr old and was able to seamlessly transition from playing make believe with my older daughter to prepping a healthy meal for me and providing assistance with breastfeeding. She was also a compassionate and helpful ear for me to talk through some of the nitty gritty logistics of twin life and was always able to offer something to the dialogue. I would recommend Jessica to anyone looking for a postpatum doula, especially twin families! 

Laura I.

The support Jessica gave my husband and I in those early weeks of having our daughter were so helpful. Her presence gave us much needed comfort.

Ana H.

Jessica was my Postpartum Doula for my second birth. She was beyond wonderful. She's an active listener and held space so beautifully for me to process my feelings about my birth, the transition from one kid to two and everything in between. She nurtred my family so lovingly that we all still speak of her like a family member. My older son was very fond of her as she is so wonderful with children; patient, loving and kind - and did I mention patient! She's also very creative with an art background so she had wonderul ways of weaving that artistic eye into her care and support of me and my family. She's also a great cook and frequently showed up with delicious treats and goodies that were packed with protein and very healthy. Her Bliss Balls were incredible! I can't reccomend her and her services enough. She really undersants the delicate balance that a good postpartum doula needs to provide personal loving support while also being non-judgemental. Do yourself a favor and if she's not booked hire her now cause she's one of the best around!

Erica L.

Being a new dad is frightening. Planning a delivery 3000 miles away from your support network of family and friends is also terrifying. When my wife and I were planning on doing just that this last December, we were at a complete lost. Neither of us had so much as handled a baby in the last ten years and here we were expecting to deliver and bring one home by ourselves. That’s why when my better half suggested hiring a Doula, I was all ears.

From the initial assessment meeting Jessica began putting us at ease. There were a lot of unknowns for us: how sleep arrangements should be, what postpartum treatment might look like, or even when we’d find time to eat and sleep during those first few hectic weeks. Jessica helped us draw up a game plan and gave us practical and experienced guidance towards managing those first few weeks. Just having her onboard for the pregnancy process was a huge comfort.

After the hospital discharge we were a wreck of nerves. There are so many emotions going on during that first drive home. As a father, it’s time to kick up your end of the work a bit. Mom’s going to be burnt out and anything you can do to support her will also support the baby. Jessica showed me things I could do to help bear some of my wife’s burden. Additionally, she supported us in our day to day activities such as food, important errands, and home care that otherwise would have been lost on us in the chaos of the first two weeks.

Jessica is friendly, articulate, calm, and thoughtful. The exact kind of person we needed in the mix during a very stressful and intimate time in our lives. I would highly recommend hiring a doula for your families needs, and this one was absolutely perfect.

Alex C.